How to Choose The Best American Bully Breeder for Your Next Puppy

When looking to bring a new American Bully puppy into your home, you want to ensure you are picking a puppy that can live a long and happy life alongside yours. Doing so requires educating yourself so that everyone in your family is happy.

There is a universal rule to apply when puppy-searching, but for the American Bully, because it is a relatively young breed, you want to ensure you are buying from a kennel who understands the breed inside and out. American Bullies are one of most compact breed of dogs showcasing an exuberant amount of muscle-mass and bone. Therefore, it’s imperative to choose a pup that is structurally sound when showcasing these features.

Responsible, Experienced & Long-time American Bully Breeders

Some benefits of purchasing your American Bully from a local and experienced kennel is you will have a leaning shoulder for advice. Breeders who have a burning passion for their American Bullies will never give a puppy buyer the cold shoulder. Responsible American Bully breeders will always offer the most sound advice, as they feel the most responsible for bringing life into this world.

When you find a breeder who has a passion like we do at Weight in Gold Kennels, we encourage everyone to give our Facebook page a follow. We post lots of educational material about the American Bully breed there as well.


Temperament, like with any dog, is important to take into account. When searching for your next Bully pup, ask the breeders how the parents of the litter are. Many times, when kennels have been breeding for years and have established bloodlines, many undesirable traits can be passed along onto offspring. So ask away and or see if you can’t get a visit to see the parents.

Responsible breeders are honest and like to place puppies with homes they know match the best. So as a puppy buyer, don’t be afraid to ask which puppies in the litter are most confident and which are sweetest and shiest. Remember, you don’t always need the most confident dog. Confident dogs require an experienced owner. Sometimes the sweeter, softer-minded dogs, make for amazing lifelong pets.

Breed Type

It’s important to buy your puppy from a kennel who has a consistent look. It’s important to know where the puppies come from before you spend your hard earned money. There are many American Bully Breeders who will sell you a dog, knowing it doesn’t have the genetic capacity to ever develop muscle or bone like they claim the puppy will have. Many times, breeders get away with this by telling the puppy buyer to wait three years for the puppy to mature into a beast it was never destined to be. You can rest assured that all our dogs at Weight in Gold Kennels have everything an American Bully needs and then some without ever compromising breathing or movement.


With just a few videos of some Bullies at play, it’s easy to see which dogs are structurally sound. Bullies who display great movement during play, are willing to please, and like to explore, are all good signs of a healthy Bully.

Why Choose Weight in Gold Kennels?

Unlike other American Bully breeders, Tony Gold, from Weight in Gold Kennels, has been involved with dogs long before the American Bully originated. He’s been showing dogs in the conformation ring that aren’t even closely related to Bullies. With that being said, Tony Gold brings tons of education and experience with cultivating and preserving this young breed. By purchasing a puppy from Weight in Gold Kennels, you are also acquiring a wealth of dog information in Tony Gold.