What to Feed Your American Bully Dog

Knowing what to feed your American Bully Dog may be a question you ask yourself when you first get your new puppy. But one thing you should always remember is, genetics always win! There is no diet in the world that can make your dog look like a Weight in Gold Kennels dog if it isn’t from “W.I.G” Kennels. With that being said, don’t rely on silly diet plans that are published on the internet that claim will turn your dog into a tank, because often times, these supplements and diet plants are so high in protein and full of fillers they can be fatal to your dog if consumed in excess.

Like humans, dogs all benefit from a balanced diet. But for dogs, being that they are carnivorous, will always do best on a grain free diet. Corn and rice are usually the culprit for overweight dogs as this isn’t something that is designed for a dog’s digestive system. Lots of American Bullies that are massive are usually just overweight from overfeeding.

The two best feeding systems are:

RAW Dog Food Diet and Grain Free Dog Diet.

RAW Dog Food

A raw dog food diet is exactly that: raw food. It’s a primitive diet that resembles that of their ancestors. However, chicken quarters with the combination of organ meat is usually the most popular and cheapest. When feeding an American Bully a raw diet, it’s important to utilize the perfect ratio of meat, bone, and organ meat. Not balancing out these raw items can either leave your dog with a runny stool or constipation. Constipation will be the result of too much bone, and too runny of a stool is the result of too much meat. Click here to learn more about a RAW feeding guide for your American Bully.

Grain Free Dog Food

Grain free dog food are foods that have zero grain in the formula. Foods that feature grain are not the best suited for dogs that require a balanced diet like the American Bully. The American Bully has a lot of muscle mass, thus requiring everything they can to a primitive diet. A grain free kibble or a limited ingredient kibble is best for those not willing to go through the hassle of feeding their dog a RAW diet.

Foot items like corn and brown rice in dog food are considered cheap fillers that lack the nutrients and vitamins the American Bully needs to supplement their large build.

And last but not least, clean drinking water. Water for all mammals is the core building block for bodily functions and muscle regeneration.


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