Double Muscle Myostatine Gene in Our American Bully Dogs

You’ve got that right! Weight in Gold Kennels is known for producing some of the only double-muscle carrying dogs in the Bully World. Granted not all the puppies in our litters produce this, but we currently own and have produced some of the freakiest American Bullies to walk this planet. It’s very easy to mistaken some of our females as huge males.

What does that mean?

No that does not mean your puppy that you purchase from Weight in Gold Kennels will showcase the double muscle gene–it is very rare after all. But one thing we have noticed in puppies produced from a parent with the gene is a tight build. American Bullies can showcase mass in many forms–huge bone, tons of muscle (there is soft and strong flesh), and one without the other. But most of our dogs are built tough. They don’t showcase lame or soft bodies. They are very sturdy and strong. Something that is absolutely ideal in the American Bully.

Dog’s below are not to be confused with males. THEY ARE ALL FEMALES!!!

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