Home to the most elite and finest American Pit Bull Terriers & American Bullies that the world has to offer. Our Pit Bull kennels bloodline was created by carefully blending the best of Razors Edge, Able Paws, Gaff, and Nevada strains. You wont find a more consistent breeder anywhere! We prove it with generations of champion quality dogs. Weight In Gold Kennels is located in Maryland and have specialized in this wonderful breed for over 16 years. We are not like most Pit Bull/American Bully breeders. We are an active Pit bull/American Bully kennel who competes in weight-pull events and conformation dog shows. At Weight In Gold Kennels we take second to none and take great pride in our pets and their achievements in the show ring and on the track. Our pit bull breeding program focuses on producing the total package. To some, the total package is just a certain look, size or color of a dog. Not to us ! In order for a Pit Bull to be eligible for our breeding program, they must meet all of our qualifications. And those are: they must be loyal, intelligent, structurally sound, and have the heart that a true American Pit Bull Terrier is known for.

Even our American Bullies are correct to form and are not undershot or have bowed out legs and shoulders due to these so called breeders crossing the American Pit Bull with English Bulldogs and Mastiff breeds. While we do incorporate color and size, we don’t just focus solely on that. Here at WIG we believe we have the worlds most complete family pet and athlete! Period!.

If you are looking for a fighting dog don’t bother calling us. Emails will be ignored and reported those inquiring about dogs for illegal purposes. We take great pride in the heritage of the almighty Gamedog and the old-timers who developed our breed today, but times have changed since then, and people just don’t respect the dogs and just treat them like trash. We believe in testing a dog for gameness but we do it threw legal means such as Weight Pull, Hog hunting and other legal activities. We will not sell anyone a dog no matter how much money you have. We love our dogs and we would never put them in anyone’s hands if we think you are going to harm them in any way, shape or form.

Lets represent this wonderful and magical breed we call the American Pit bull Terrier in a positive manner.